Miniature New Kuwait is a permanent exhibit in phase 2 of Al Shaheed Park in Kuwait City, occupying an area of 3’000 sqm.

The 15 architectural fibreglass elements, with dimensions ranging from 1 to 8 metres, are scaled models of 15 significant buildings of modern Kuwait City.

On these white sculptures, 51 projectors with 12 000 lumen each project 360º animated video storyboards that blend real life images with digitally developed animations and soundtracks. The total duration of these presentations is 45 minutes.

All operation is controlled from a centralized control room with 9 dedicated video and sound servers with video and control signals being sent over a 3 Km long fibre optic network.

All engineering, production of the models, storyboard development, storyboard production and entire technical setup conducted through Designmark Portugal and Designmark Russia in a 15-month time frame.

Facts & Figures

15 architectural fibreglass models of Kuwaiti landmark buildings

51 video mapping projectors

612 000 lumens of projected light

45 minutes of animated projections on the models

3 Km of fibre optic cable